What is the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
and what can it do for my club or me?

1. The ARRL 's principal mission is that of being the single focal point, representing the Amateur Radio service. The ARRL serves its members by working to protect and enhance spectrum access and providing a national communications resource to the public by speaking for its members in Washington and the 50 States on behalf of the Amateur community.

The ARRL provides a wide variety of services to members and is dedicated to "getting the word out" on news of interest to the Amateur community.

QST the ARRL's national monthly magazine brings the Amateur the latest happenings in Amateur Radio. QST is simply the source for news and information on any topic that's part of or relates to Amateur Radio. These include: Product Reviews, Advertisements for new equipment, Conventions and Hamfests, Public Service reports and human interest stories, not to mention articles on new trends, the latest technology, fiction, humor, news, club activities, rules and regulations, special events, DXing, building projects and much more.

The ARRL provides a Technical Information Service. Questions on topics ranging from A (antenna) to Z (zener diodes) and just about anything in between are answered by ARRL Technical Specialists in the field and at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT. The Headquarters staff will attempt to assist you over the phone and refer you as necessary to a Technical Specialist in your area or send you information via postal or electronic mail.

The ARRL also offers an all-risks Equipment Insurance Program at a substantial savings over other plans.

Outgoing and Incoming QSL card service. The League can handle your overseas QSLing chores by bulk mailing you cards at a substantial saving to you.

Earn one of the League's many operating and proficiency awards.

The League has a number of other departments that provides specialized services fields such questions such as those of:

  • Regulatory Information (FCC rules and City Ordinance issues).
  • Volunteer Counsel (legal)
  • Volunteer Examiner (testing)
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service ( ARES Public Service)
  • Amateur Radio Instructor Program
  • W1AW Code Practice Sessions
  • ARRL Sponsored Contests

In addition, the ARRL publishes a full range of books, pamphlets and informational newsletters on the various aspects of Amateur Radio.

2. There are benefits for clubs as well. Once your club is affiliated with the League, your club is entitled to:

A copy of the ARRL Club President's Workbook which is a planning guide of monthly calendars packed with reminders of upcoming events and suggestions on how to provide for more interesting


The Club Companion is a electronic newsletter to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, problems and solutions that a club will find useful in performing effectively.

The League sponsors Liability Insurance for Clubs. Many clubs conduct public events each year, such as hamfests, flea markets, and venue owners and operators usually require sponsors to furnish certificates of insurance.

The ARRL offers Club Stationary, Mailing lists, Clip Art, Library and videos.

The ARRL provides for commissions for both new and renewal of members ( $5.00 and $ 2.00 respectively paid directly to the club.

Affiliated clubs are eligible to receive a rebate of 10 % of the total ARRL publication consignment sales at local and state registered conventions.

50% discounts on club ads in QST.

3. At the State of New Hampshire level, the affairs of the ARRL are handled by the Section Manager, with the help of his staff and over 100 Field Organization volunteers who oversee the many Section sponsored activities. The Section Manager for New Hampshire appoints fellow Amateurs to coordinate varied activities including, Emergency Operations, State Government Liaison, Traffic Handling, Educational programs in our schools, Technical guidance, Amateur Radio Public Informational services, Bulletins dissemination and Club Affiliation coordination to name a few.

The New Hampshire Field Organization has sponsored three pieces of state legislation. The first prohibits any municipality from taxing your Amateur Radio tower as real estate property.

The second places a local version of a federal ruling commonly called PRB-1, on the state law books. This has been quite effective when the local city or town is unwilling to acknowledge the applicability of the federal preemption which directs city, towns and municipalities on tower zoning issues in accordance with the federal preemption ruling.

The passage of House bill 151 was the first hurtle required to allow for the issuance of NH Automobile plates.

4. The New Hampshire ARRL has a number of Field Organization Appointments available, if you qualify. In addition to the Section staff positions there are: Official Bulletin Stations, Emergency Coordinators, Local Government Liaisons, Club Public Information Officers, Official Observers, Technical Specialists, Net Managers and Official Relay Stations. If you are interested in an ARRL field appointment, write your Section Manager with the position(s) you are interested in. Your Section Manager will forward the job description(s) to you.

5. On the local level there are Amateur Radio organizations throughout New Hampshire. Some groups specialize in specific areas of the hobby, while many offer the opportunity to take part in a wider range of general activities. The local club is the gathering point for much of the camaraderie, operator training, broadening of horizons and just having plain fun! I encourage you to contact one or more of the clubs in the section and plan to attend those that suit your interests.

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